Aurélien Merkel

Researcher in acoustics

Nomades Expression

Since 2005, Nomades Expression plays a music inspired by Morrocan traditional music and jazz. The band is composed of members coming from France and Morocco, and seeks to play a spiritual music taking its inspiration on background cultures beyond borders. We have played around 100 concerts in France and Morocco and one LP has been released in 2011.

Album Live

Cover album NE In 2011, Nomades Expression released the album Live. It has been recorded during one unique live performance of the band in 2010. We made this choice to reflect the very special energy associated with traditional music and direct interactions between the members of the band, along with the ones between the band and the audience.


What is happening when five humans, that are seemingly unable to communicate with the exterior world, have musical instruments in their hands? It produces an instrumenal music, inspired by dub, electronic and metal. The band creates in its live performances an overwhelming atmosphere of dementia, full of tension and release. The band has released the EP Des nouvelles de la jungle in 2007 and the LP Anima Asylum in 2012.

Anima Asylum

Cover album mel-p In 2012, the band released the album Anima Asylum, which has been enterily produced by ourselves. It received excellent critics from the specialized metal music press. The entire album is avalaible here.